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My name is Daniel Kraft. I am 2x founder and 3x tech CEO with a keen interest in technology and entrepreneurial ideas, often related to the way we work. Like many stories in the technology world, mine wasn’t a straight line and it took many twists and turns. After several acquisitions and a successful IPO, I have a deep appreciation for founders and their investors.

I am a supporter of startups, entrepreneurs and investors through board engagements or mentoring and an occasional speaker (keynotes, TEDx) on the future of work or entrepreneurship topics.

With the experience of working and living on three continents, I am a big believer in remote work and the power of digital interactions. The easiest way to engage with me, is to simply reach out. I had and have many great mentors and hope to pay some of that back to those that have great ideas and look for a different perspective.

This blog is my personal place to express ideas or simply think out loud.