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Chicago Cubs and the good night sleep

Being a Cubs fan is hipp these days and I welcome every baseball fan to join us. Now that we’re down 3:1 and tonight might be the last game in decades, the first “fans” jumping the ship and I don’t blame them. I simply have nowhere to go. I never had a different team and unlike Hillary never will. Being a fan for decades has taught me to embrace the pain.

Carry the pain all day

Living in Germany I watch the games on Apple TV. Every morning at 2am – during the post season – my alarm rings and I drag my tired body downstairs, arrange all my Cubs gear and use the commercial breaks to work the espresso machine.

With a whole day still in front of me, after each painful loss, I start to appreciate the forgiving power of sleep. Especially since I watched game 1 in Denver and have the direct comparison. My mind plays the errors and missed runs over and over.

Of course I’ll be up for game 5 again, and game 6 and 7. Because one upside is, that a win last even longer in my time zone.


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