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Can there be too much mobile?

I have a dilemma! In my business life I am building amazing mobile apps, in my personal life I need to restrict the use of mobile apps. What to do?

Every morning around 7.30 somebody needs to remind my oldest son that school is about to start. It is not that he doesn’t know this but he either is tired from too much time on the smartphone last night or he is already on the smartphone again.

I want my kids to be on the cutting edge as I really believe technology is the key to our future. At the school meeting I am the advocat for a more relaxed approach to mobile communication. Skype, Hangout, WhatsApp, if you travel you know what a blessing new technologies are to stay in touch with your kids. But how do we educate the next generation on the right balance? Is there a need for a balance? Is there a need for education? Is there a thing like too much mobile?

We now agreed that the requirement to use the smartphone on a day, is to be ready by 7.20, be kind and have breakfast. The vote is still out if that works and I am open to any other ideas.

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