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Offline Sucks

Today, like any Sunday, I made my way to church. Since the Sitrion user group brought me to the wonderful city of Chicago I was really looking forward to see my friends in my old congregation. Many of which I haven’t seen since I lived in the windy city many years back. As I get out of my Uber ride and approach the front door I see this tiny little note on the church door: 

Sunday’s Service will be in Calumet City (Note: that is 30 miles away)

Really? I went to the church website yesterday and checked and it said nothing about this. I am not not sharing this to complain about my church, I love them and I know from my very own congregation that we most likely would have had a similar note on the door. I like to point out to the few of my friends who still believe they can avoid the internet: You can’t. Offline sucks!

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