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New York Sidewalk

On the tail end of our month tour through the US I was walking home with my family from dinner on 59th street to our apartment on 76th street. It was about 8pm and as we head north on Madison Avenue we talked about all the things families talk about. The day at the zoo, the need to eat healthier and what to do the next day.

Red light

As we walk block after block we crossed many streets not really caring about red lights. It is New York and traffic lights are really more of a suggestion to indicate the risk level than a real rule. This is when it hit me, my kids are comfortable to walk the sidewalk in a mega city and even know when to break the “rules”.

Bring the Family

I am in NYC for business dozen of times a year and really love it. Yet, many of my friends never been to New York and barely anybody brought their families. In fact, many actually believe it is dangerous and “too big”. While I appreciate the concerns, I think you need to bring the family. There comes the day your kids look for their next step in their career and it is very likely that this means moving to the big city. Maybe not New York, maybe somewhere in Asia. I want my kids to know what to expect and walking on the sidewalk is a fantastic first step on a warm September night.

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